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Ava Addams brings her triple D boobs to the table and just watch the jaws drop to the floor faster than your pants. You wonder how science has managed to keep those things standing upright on that solid skinny body of Ava’s. Well, modern doctors are magicians because her body is out of this world sorcery. But Ava’s initial charms come from those dark eyes; stare into them and you’re transported to a dark and mysterious place full of jumping boners and twitching clits. She hails from Gibraltar, which is one big rock somewhere between Europe and Africa, and Ava knows big rocks as she is a certified ball-sweller who’s been body slamming for fans since the late 2000s
Több info
Született: September 19, 1979
Születési hely:Gibraltar, France
Magasság:1 ft 6 ins (48 cm)
Súly:352 lbs (160 kg)